Print management


Books that Bonnie Hurd Smith helped get done for her clients (see also TITLES):

The Lost Sketchbooks: A Young Artist in the Great War by Rex Passion (Cambridge: Komatik Press, 2014)

Bible Stories for Skeptics: Why You Don’t Have to Believe in the Supernatural to Be a Christian—or a Jew by Rev. Richard Trudeau (published by the author, 2014)

The House that Love Built: The History of the Franklin Square House (co-written with Beth Hinchliffe) (Boston: Franklin Square House, 2014)
(research and writing)

Prince Sergei Sergeivich Belosselsky-Belozersky (Ipswich: privately published by the Bezamat-Crane family, 2007)
(design, print management)

The Robinsons Under Sail: The Story of the Robinson Boatyard (Ipswich: privately published by the Bezamat-Crane family, 2006)
(design, print management)

This is Our Church: The First Church in Boston, 1630-2005 by Leo W. Collins (Boston: First Church in Boston, 2005)

Glorious Women: Award-Winning Sermons about Women edited by Rev. Dorothy May Emerson (Ministerial Sisterhood Unitarian Universalist, 2004)
(manuscript preparation for publication)

The History of the Woman’s Friend Society of Salem, 1876-2002 by Dr. Gloria F. Bowen (Salem: Woman’s Friend Society, 2002)
(editing and design)

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: On the Threshold by Shirley Ann Rank (Unitarian Universalist Women & Religion, 2008)

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: In Ancient Times by Shirley Ann Rank (Unitarian Universalist Women & Religion, 2007)

Ipswich Revisited by William Varrell for the Ipswich Historical Society (Portsmouth: Arcadia Publishing, 2006)
(author of the foreword, as executive director of the Ipswich Historical Society)

Her Past Around Us: Interpreting Sites for Women’s History (Melbourne: Krieger Publishing Company, 2001)
(contributing writer: “Women’s Voices: Reinterpreting Traditional House Museums”)

Standing Before Us: Unitarian Universalist Women and Social Reform, 1776–1936 edited by Dorothy M. Emerson (Boston: Skinner House Books, 2000)
(contributing writer: “Judith Sargent Murray)

Judith Sargent Murray: Her First 100 Letters by Marianne Dunlap (Gloucester: Sargent House Museum, 1995)
(author of foreword, editor, designer)

Hurd Smith Communications

How can we help?

We also "do" business histories. Sometimes clients publish a book or brochure, add the research to their website, or use it to create a display for a special event or their lobby.

It has been an honor to research and write the history of these businesses and organizations:

Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church

(Danvers, MA)

Soucy Insurance Agency, Inc.

(Salem, MA)

Franklin Square House Foundation

(Boston, MA)

Wolf & Company, PC

(Boston, MA)

Welch & Forbes, LLC

(Boston, MA)

Children's Friend and Family Services (Salem, MA)